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Dog walking- I love all dogs and feel at ease with your dog(s) in my hands. I will plan around your needs be it for half an hour or a two hour walk. It can be a solo walk or a group walk, I never walk more than 4 dogs at any one time so I can give them all the personal attention they need.


Walks can be regular , semi-regular or just a one off. I walk in a variety of different locations so your dog never gets bored.


I will ensure your dog(s) is settled before I leave.

* please note- all dogs must wear a collar and identity tag and their vaccinations/worming/flea treatment must be up to date.


Puppy Play- As a puppy owner it is important to introduce your puppy to other dogs in a positive manner so that they can develop into a well balanced dog, early socialization and positive training can go a long way towards preventing behaviour problems and improving bonding between human and dogs.


I will introduce your puppy to my jackapoos Mina and Lucy who are so friendly and get along with every dog, once they are used to my two I can then start taking them out to meet other appropriate dogs, once their injections are completed. Why not have a look at my photo gallery.


Or if you just want me to pop in and play for 30mins/1 hour that is also fine which will also contribute to their socialisation skills. Cat Care-  I will visit your cat(s)  at your requirements and stay for play and cuddles for 30 mins or an hour. I will ensure they have clean water, the correct food to your instructions, Clean litter trays and re filled as necessary.


Small Animal Care- I will visit your furry or not so furry friends and make sure they are well looked after and happy. I will clean out their cage/hutch feed and water them and give them cuddles as often as you like.


Horse care- whether you need your horse mucking out, feeding, bringing in/out, grooming exercising or simply been their for blacksmith/vet visit then I can do this for you. I will carry out your normal routine so the only thing that changes for the horse is the person providing the care. I have worked with horses for over ten years and owned them for 25 so rest assured your horse is in my experienced knowledgeable care.


Pet taxi- whether you need a pet to vet trip, a trip to the dog groomers, moving house or bringing your new pet home I offer a safe, comfortable, ventilated journey for your pet.


Also if you would like your bins taken in/out, post put away, curtains opened/closed when I visit that's not a problem with no extra charge.


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